Proofreading/Constructive Critique and Story Advice etc

I’ve recently taken on a few proofreading tasks again in my free time, and I’ve seen there are lots of people asking for help with these kinds of things. So, I thought I’d open up a few slots.

Due to my own writing schedule, on and off of episode, as well as a busy home-life, I can only take a few of these tasks on at a time. For the same reasons, I also cannot do this for free, so will be charging a reasonable fee.
My feedback is detailed and honest, given in-depth and with suggestions/recommendations and examples etc, and I am also open to further discussing anything that I bring up, to a point, in order to further help.

This service applies to both published and unpublished stories, but please note, that this is not a pay-for-reads service! :slight_smile:

Prices: — My currency is GBP

1 Episode - £4
2 Episodes - £6
3 Episodes - £8

+ £2 for each additional episode!

Fees can be paid directly through PayPal (preferred so as to not incur fees - fees, if applicable are to be covered on your end) or via Ko-Fi if you are unable to use PayPal itself.

Do not make any payments until your slot is confirmed.

I haven’t tagged anyone I’ve given feedback to in the past, for privacy reasons. But if you are one of the people I’ve previously helped, and you wish to leave a comment regarding your experience, then feel free :smiley:


Ah yes, you were very helpful! And In a respectful way too. While I’ll admit I made a noob mistake of publishing my story, you still offered a LOT of awesome advice. You dissected every scene in depth and even gave me coding advice to help my story run more smoothly. You helped me build stronger characters, and helped me improve on building their personalities. I followed your advice and did a crap load of revisions and now my story makes sense and flows well (or at least I hope so, I’m still learning :sob:)

I appreciate the advice you’d given me. You were awesome to talk toooo!

100% Worth it.


Aww, thank you! I’m really happy that it helped you :blush::blush:

I can’t pay for things on my own rn but if I could I would totally do this! You seem like you would give really good feedback!


I would definitely pay for this kind of service but my story is a published one :frowning: I hope to work with you someday though! :heart:


Thanks :blush: if ever your situation changes, you know where I am.

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Bumpage! :woman_mage:

Bookmarking this! I may need it when my financial situation changes :blob_turtle:

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Of course, reach out anytime.

Bump :woman_mage:

Buuuuuump :blush:

Definitely worth doing if anyone has a chance. She’s been helping me with my story for a while now and helped change it for the better! :sparkles::star_struck:


Thank you :blush: