Proofreading first episode

Hey! So I’ve just finished the first episode of my first episode story (lol I’ve written other stories but never had the audacity to even finish the first chapter, can someone relate? :sweat_smile: )

Anyways, I’ve put sooooo much work into this episode and yet I feel like it’s way too short (it’s just around 500 lines and I have no idea how to make it longer…) and not interesting or making the reader hooked or whatever. Basically I need help from someone who can ”proofread” my episode and tell me how I can make it longer (if it’s needed?) or just improve it in general :blush:

Just a lil’ side note: If you’re gonna do this I need you to be honest, I’m not doing this to get compliments on my episode, I genuinely want to improve it. :revolving_hearts:

I can, I have some free time right now :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks. How do I send you the script? :grinning:

Just send me the link to your story :slight_smile:

It’s not published since I’be just written the first episode yet, so you mean send the link to the page where you write and stuff? (I’m sorry I really have no clue on how to do this, it’s a new experience for me haha)

At the bottom of the page where you can decided what you want to do next, there’s a link. If you send me that link, I can read it although it’s not published

There should be something that says: Share or story
or something like that, and then there’s the link to your story