Proofreading & Grammar Check

Hello. I’m looking for a kind soul that could check chapters I already wrote and some future ones - for now I have 22 chapters to check. English is not my first language and I use Grammarly and Reverso to dispel the doubts but it will never be as good as the one checked by a native.

I don’t know what I can offer - I know Photoshop well so I can prepare some overlays and, if you want, mention you in my story.
PS. It would be better if you’re not my reader, I don’t want to spoiler you :slight_smile:

I can do it for you. I don’t need anything back- just credit will do x :heart: let me know.

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I wouldn’t mind looking it over either, I’m pretty good at doing that. But only if you want because I know someone else has already offered.

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bump :slight_smile: