Proofreading help! Grammar

Hey so! I decided to write the first 3 episodes of my story on word before writing on episode! Like its in story wise, not coding- and I need some advice. Seeing as I’ll be publishing it on episode and wattpad :blush: but I need someone to help me with proofreading for grammar and maybe tweaking some things! Please let me know if you are interested in this!

Possible helpers?!
@SkyM @Cheris @Nat99y @Nessya

Idk ok… um… bye!! :eyes::running_woman:t3::see_no_evil::cupid:


I can fix grammar and punctuation!

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really? That’d be awesome! It’s in story wise. It’s not like coded ya know?

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Ye, that’s fine with me

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awesome! Did you want me to send Episode by Episode to you in pm… or something else?

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Hi @Jubels :smiley:
Grammar and punctuation aren’t my strenghts so I wouldn’t be of much help with that. Sorry.

up to you!

Please! I would love to help. I’m a wh*re for grammar and anything in its relation. ;p

Hi, I need help creating my first few episodes!

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Kk! I’ll PM u