Proofreading help

I’m currently writing my 1st story aaaand I need someone who’d be willing to give my new chapters a read before I publish them.

I am French, fluent in English however I do occasionally make a grammar error or a typo

thanks :heart:

Hey send the link and I’ll check it out!


so I have 3 stories, but this is the one on which I am working at the moment.
I feel like I’m stuck because something is bothering me from the dad’s speech but I don’t know what, and this is preventing me from moving on ugh

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Hey, I found a few errors.

For this pic make the Susan face the other way, also change the text to “Are you sure your parents won’t notice?” Maybe use the text effects to hold sure instead

For this pic change the position of Susan because those reading on an iPad will have Susan’s head cut off partially. Also add a period to the end of the sentence in the screenshot.

For this pic change the dialogue to “This is why I, Susan Chester want to spend my last year of high school in a big city.”

For this pic change the dialogue to “…and their sister.”

For this last one change the dialogue to “Somewhere like New York or Chicago.”
Overall, I think you did a great job this far. Just some minor errors😄


thank you so much!!

also, I had completely forgotten about iPad readers… D: oops


Hey no problem! Always here to help, hopefully you’ll be able to continue now :smile:

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I am a huge grammar freak, so i would love to help.

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