Proofreading issues

Hey, I wanted to send my story to my proofreader but for some reason I don’t have the proofreading link. I don’t really know why I don’t have it. I thought that it’s because of the reviews but now all my reviews are done and I still don’t have a proofreading link. Does anyone know why I don’t have it or what else I could do. :sweat_smile:

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the link you need to send is in the writer’s portal, here:

you should have it too

Well I have that one but when I send this one it only shows the published chapters and I’ve heard that there is a way to send chapters that are not published yet something like share with friends. :sweat_smile:

if the story is published, then I don’t know of any way
I personally copy the script in an unpublished story and send them that link

The story is already published but only a few chapters and the rest is still unpublished. Thanks for the tip though :relaxed: