Proofreading My Stories!

Hello Episode Community!

I’ve started writing my own stories, and I 'm currently working on two stories right about now. I’m looking for someone or people to proofread my story with all honesty! One of my stories episode 1 is done, but looking for someone to go over it, and see if I need to make changes to make it better before I move on to episode 2. (I can’t play anything and my stories currently don’t use cc…) :two_hearts:

If anything, I’m looking for a friend to keep me motivated, give motivation to when needed or even give outfit ideas! I’m pretty big on deleting my stories or to stop writing due to the lack of motivation to continue writing. :heart:

If anyone is willing to be either one, I will privately message you! I really don’t answer messages on instagram, but if you prefer to chat on instagram I will make it work because I’m so committed right now.

I will also credit every proofreader at the end of every episode for helping me!

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Hey! I’d be happy to proofread a chapter or two for you :slight_smile:

Heya :green_heart:
I could be a great help with motivating you, giving outfit ideas, checking everything you need.
(I’m also an artist, editor, writer. :hugs:)

Thank you so much :white_heart: would you prefer to chat on here or Instagram??

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Thank you so much :heartpulse: would you prefer to chat on here or Instagram?

I will be happy to help you

Would you prefer to chat on here or instgram? :white_heart:

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Instagram is fine with me and you can follow me @hipsy_writes and I will follow back

I don’t really mind :slight_smile:

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What’s better for you! I don’t mind :hugs:

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