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Hey everyone! I’m pretty bored and I ran out of stories to read so if you want me to review them or proofread I can! I will be grading out of 100 And I will give you 100% honest feedback along with a shoutout on Instagram!
Just leave me the description, link, cover, how many chapters you have, and your insta username
Only accepting 10 (for now)-
:star2: @UwU.XwX (finished review)
:star2: @Rahzel (finished review)
:star2: @viarose (Reading now)
:star2: @your_girl.kay ()
:star2: @Your_girl.kay
:star2: @Roy

Finished Reviews:


Until you find my heart

About the story-

Description: Printemps always had a hard life. What else could go wrong? …perhaps a mafia and fantasy mess, turning out being a big lie from her parents? LL


Says- Drama, Romance, Fantasy

I think- Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Chapters: 6 (active)

Style: Limelight

Art scenes: none, (not sure if the author is going to add any)

-Let’s talk about the title, I love it! When seeing this title I didn’t think it actually meant what it said. The story starts with Printemps,The main character has a phobia of the sun so she can only walk out at night, while Printemps is walking a creep that stole her heart, literally. It’s up to you to figure out what happens next.

-I love the idea of the story, I haven’t seen anything like this yet!

  • I love the usages of overlays in the intro
  • Directing seems really good! I don’t see any floating characters


  • There are some grammatical errors but stated that she speaks two languages-(I will send you the errors and how to fix them by insta)
  • There are some speech bubble issues in chapter 2. Some were off screen so you can’t read the full sentence…

Things I would love to see-

  • I would love to see the phobia of the sun a bit more.
  • just make sure your punctuation is all good

Keep up all the good work! I will definitely try to keep on reading!

Grade: 90/100!


Finding Myself


LI? 4 total (2 each sister)


Says- romance

I think- drama/romance

Chapters: 3 (active)

Style: limelight

Point system

Art Scenes: none that I see (but this is only the 3rd chapter)

Lisa is in College Angelina is in high school. Lena has bad social anxiety.


  • love the personality added into it
  • I give props to anyone who even thinks of doing points, I do it in my story and I absolutely despise doing it
  • I love the idea of two different POV’s
  • I think you’re doing a great job with the story so far!


  • a few grammatical errors (you wouldn’t notice unless you really search for them {like I did})
  • Try to spot on the same line so you don’t have a character popping in after episode’s default second
  • Capitalize the “I”s! (Sorry I sound like my English grammar teacher…)
  • Punctuation (I will say this to everyone) it just makes the story look neater and well put together (says me who needs to do that still loll)

Things I would love to see:

  • now you’re only on the first three chapters but if you really get the message around about social anxiety and the other disorders then I think it’ll be a great story!
    Grade 92/100

Heyy i was wondering if you could reviw my story​:heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

Here’s my story :arrow_down::arrow_heading_down::arrow_down_small:

Tittle : Until You Find My Heart

Description :
Printemps always had a hard life. What else could go wrong? …perhaps a mafia and fantasy mess, turning out being a big lie from her parents? LL

Genre : Drama, but has a quiet a lot of romance, fantasy and mafia in there

Link :

Instagram :

Cover :


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Hi ^^ I would love If you could do that for me!
story: Finding Myself L & L
author name: Razel
Story description: Embark in a journey of relearning and self discovery of two sisters: Lena and Lisa. Full CC. 4 LI.

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thanks for this thread! i just published this 3 days ago, & it’s my first story! <3 i would love to request a review !

STORY TITLE: how to feel
AUTHOR: viarose
GENRE: fantasy, romance, drama
STYLE: Limelight
DESCRIPTION: after your 18th birthday goes wrong, you find out about a magical world where there are people who can control emotions and feelings. the only catch? you’re one of them, too.
:sparkles: LL, fantasy / romance / drama, CC, 4 LI’s, LGBTQ, diversity, choices matter, art scenes :sparkles:
INSTAGRAM: @viarose.writes

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Hi could you do mine please

Title Secrets
Author Your._.girl. _.kay
Genre Drama/romance
Description Kaylee Smith is a goody two shoes that doesn’t trust most.What happens when she finds out most of her life was a lie and everyone she trusted was keeping secrets from her?

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Hello @tiff_episode! I would love to hear what you think of my story too! :heartpulse::see_no_evil:

It has 4 episodes so far!

Instagram: @episode_katherinee

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Thank you for doing this :heart:

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Check my story:
• Trough Hate & Love
• author: AngelSP

• Descritption: your a girl and she doesn’t really believe in love but when she meets a guy everything changes but in a good way or a bad way…

• Link down below!

• Insta: angelsp_epi

• Only 3 chapters, more coming soon!

• After chapter 2 the chapters are getting longer and more…

• This is not the cover but this one is a example…

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Hey hun I would like a review for my story!

That’s my story! Let me know if u need the link as well! Ig is @epi.enchantressll and story name is Necromancers LL

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Hi :yellow_heart: and thank you :grin:

Title: I married my troublemaker (ink)
Author name: Miss Deepika
Style: ink
Episode: 18 (except 15&16- they are proof read already but you may check them again if you like)

Description: Fixed marriage with a person who brings trouble in your life, will this marriage turned out to be a success or big misery in your life.
{Art scenes}

Genre: Drama
Ig: @orangeweedie.episode


Cover is_this_really_hapeening_posterThumb_zC9rH4jp9o

Thanks for the thread! I would love to receive an honest feedback from you :heart_decoration:

Title: Treasure In You
Instagram: @lqwalter.episode
Author: L.Q. Walter
Genre: Adventure/Romance/Drama
Chapters: 3 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Description: After discovering an old diary she believes will lead her to the location of a long lost treasure, she teams with an unlikely ally: a guy who is downright cocky yet wickedly hot!

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