Proofreading shop! [OPEN]

Hey guys! I’ve created this thread for people who need proofreaders! As I know many of you are struggling to find someone who can read your chapters and ensure they’re perfect for publishing. So, because i’ve been doing proofreading for a couple of years now :sweat_smile:
I decided to open up a little thread/shop for anyone who needs their story to be read beforehand, so it can be released!

Now, first of all, your story should be unpublished, the only exception I’ll make for published authors is that, if you need me to proofread the next chapter/s of your story (which you haven’t published out yet!). Please be patient with me, and depending on how many chapters you need me to read, it will either be completed quicker - maybe on the same day, if I’m not busy with anything. You need to tell me if you want me to read your script (or a section), or visually read it by sharing your link! If you wish to have your script read, I’ll need your email.
I’ll pm you the details, when I’ve finished reading! <3

Please, make sure you’ve read through this carefully! Otherwise I will decline your request! Do not rush me or expect me to read it straightaway, I have things going on in my life rn, so it may take a while!

This is free for now!

Proofreading can take up to four days, but is reliant on the amount of chapters!!

Thank you :fire:

If you have any questions, lmk (:


Definitely bookmarking this. I’ll come back here soon (if this is still open ofc.)

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Thank you, love! It should be open, by the time you come :blob_hearts:

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I would love if you could proofread my first two chapters. :heartpulse: My story is unpublished and was supposed to launch a few days ago, but as the perfectionist I am, I delayed it a bit…:pleading_face:

Name: Blood Source
Description: You are destined to be chosen by the darkest of powers. Your arrival at Aldmoor academy, a school for gifted dark creatures, is expected and soon love and fate will cross paths.


Should I perhaps send the link through pm, so that everyone can’t access the story?

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Request Accepted! Of course, lovely. Through pm is good <3 :blush:

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Thank youu! :two_hearts: And will do :relaxed:

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Hey! My story isn’t published yet. The 1st 3 chapters are done. It would be really helpful if you proofread them arsu. I have sent you the link, It’s called Bloody Night

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Hey there, it would be great if you proofread my unpublished story (3 chapters)
So should I pm you? :upside_down_face:

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Pm me yes, but I’ll get back to you in a couple of days, as I’ve got other requests! Thank you so much!! :hugs:

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hey I would love if u can proofread my story too…I pm ed u…:ribbon:

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