Prop disappearing bug?

I’ve been trying to figure this thing out for a few days now, and it’s still not resolved.

I’ve added a prop to my character, and when I played it on the previewer (both web and app) it appears for a second and just disappeared!

Here is the script:


volume music 70 5000

music music_humdrum

&cut to zone 1

&TEACHER MALE spot 1.280 94 74 in zone 1 AND TEACHER MALE is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop AND TEACHER MALE faces right
&TEACHER FEMALE 1 spot 0.965 93 173 in zone 3 AND TEACHER FEMALE 1 is text_phone_neutral_loop AND TEACHER FEMALE 1 faces right
&TEACHER FEMALE 2 spot 0.967 119 174 in zone 2 AND TEACHER FEMALE 2 is idle_cup_neutral_loop AND TEACHER FEMALE 2 faces right

&TEACHER MALE moves to layer 1
&TEACHER FEMALE 1 moves to layer 0
&TEACHER FEMALE 2 moves to layer 0

@add Coffee Cup To Go to TEACHER FEMALE 2
@add Composition School Open Grey Black to TEACHER MALE

@transition fade in black 3

@pause for a beat

@pan to zone 3 in 5

@pause for a beat

volume sound 70 0

sound door_knock

@HEATHER spot 1.298 380 40 in zone 3

@HEATHER moves to layer 3

@add Composition School Closed Grey Black to HEATHER
@HEATHER walks to spot 1.298 164 40 in zone 3 AND HEATHER is walk_worried_loop THEN HEATHER starts idle_exhausted_loop
@add Coffee Cup To Go to TEACHER FEMALE 2

@speechbubble is 155 286 to 100% with tail_top_right

    HEATHER (talk_cup_sad)
Sir, I'm here to send in the homework.

It appears that when the scene first started, it’ll appear:


But before the fading animation complete, it’ll just disappears!


I’m pretty sure this is a bug, but if it isn’t, please help me out! I haven’t been able to finish this chapter because of this issue…

Thank you…

Hi, I ‘m having the exact same problem right now. Did you manage to fix it?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t very active. I replaced the scene so I don’t know.