Prop disappears


Hey guys.

So I have a scene where a character is holding a book as prop and they’re sitting down and reading.
However as soon as I insert another character or another character enters the scene; the book suddenly disappears and the character looks like it’s holding onto nothing.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


can you post your script?


@cut to zone 3

@add Photo Album Open Blue Oxford to SERGIO

@SERGIO spot 1.109 171 179 and SERGIO faces right and SERGIO is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop

@pause for a beat

@SAFFRON spot 1.064 -106 139 and SAFFRON faces right

@SAFFRON walks to spot 1.064 56 153


As soon as I have Saffron in the scene, the book just disappears.


did you check on the app? :thinking:


Yep. I did. Twice. It still shows the problem


hmmm… that’s weird. Maybe it’s a new glitch :weary:

@Dara.Amarie maybe you know? :thinking:


Just tested this out and it’s working fine in my script and app. Trying refreshing the page, exiting your browser, or resetting story progress in the app. If all fails, then you’re best bet would be to submit a ticket


When you have an small overlay in other zone than 1 go to Directing Helper -> overlay helper and copy what appears about your overlay

Here is an example from my story:

&overlay 5115108624564224_PAINTING shifts to 400 384
&overlay 5115108624564224_PAINTING scales to 1.000 1.000

A width of a zone is 320.

Like you see where in have 400 that mean it’s on zone 2
It it was on zone 1, that will be:

&overlay 5115108624564224_PAINTING shifts to 80 384
&overlay 5115108624564224_PAINTING scales to 1.000 1.000

So, if you want to put something in the middle of your zone put in on 160 if in zone 1, if you want on zone 2 add 320…and so on


Thanks for the idea!
But mine is not an overlay sadly. It’s a prop!


This has happened to me before, what I do is exit the script after saving then go back and then insert it from the prop list it usually fixes the problem.


Just did what you said.
Unfortunately, it hasn’t solved the problem.


You should try making it into an overlay then sometimes that’s your best bet.


Yeah. Will probably just do that.


No problem I hope that works out for you.


It doesn’t look as realistic as it doesn’t look like the character is actually holding the book as opposed to the prop. But it does the job! :smile:


Well, if it gets the job done it’s okay :joy:


Yep! :wink: