Prop doesn't appear



Even tho I have added the command “add prop to CHARACTER” the prop doesn’t appear on the previewer…




Did you test your story on the app?

Maybe move command changes into above the script (I don’t know if this will help, but try it)


Yes, I tested it. But it doesn’t appear there too.


Can you post your script here? I will test it for you :slight_smile:



@ADAM changes into ADAM_older

@ADAM moves to layer 0

@ADAM stands screen center AND ADAM faces left

@ADAM starts kiss_cheek_give

@add Baby Swaddle Pink Blanket to BELLE

@BELLE changes into BELLE_mall

@BELLE stands upscreen left AND BELLE faces right

@BELLE starts idle_baby_rock_happy_loop
And in the morning of August
Our miracle was born.
Her name is Victoria.
In honor of my best friend.

    BELLE (talk_baby_neutral)
Thank you, Adam.

&BELLE is idle_baby_neutral_loop

    ADAM (talk_shrug_neutral)
For what?

    BELLE (talk_baby_happy)
For making me feel happy in my life again.

@ADAM is laugh_chuckle AND BELLE is idle_baby_nurse_happy_loop

@transition fade out black 2


Yes, the problem is in the character changing after adding a prop move the command above it :slight_smile:


Are you using the web previewer?


Nvm lol


It worked tysm! :grin::kissing_heart:




@Sydney_H you can close this topic



Topic closed by OP request.