Prop Help, New to It

Hello again. :laughing: I need some help with overlays and this is my first time. Please understand that. I already read on how to use it and I did everything right, but I can’t see the overlay that my character is holding. Here’s my script.

&CHARACTER spot 0.871 133 303 AND SISSY faces right THEN SISSY is arms_crossed
@add Coffee Cup to CHARACTER
@CHARACTER starts drink


This is really sad, that nobody has reply to me for one hour. :laughing:

You posted this in the wrong section. For all help with directing, you should post in Directing Help & Tips

You’re talking about props and not overlays. Have you tried testing this in the app or have you tried refreshing the page?

Yep, I apologize. I tried it all. Refreshing it, doesn’t work. I am just gonna give up on it. Thanks anyways.

Test in the app, the web previewer is glitchy at times with props.

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It is? I never knew that. :thinking: Oh, thank you for telling me this. :slight_smile:

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Can you give me the animation when a character is holding a gun? Like how do you do it, if that is okay with you?

Oh wait, never mind! I figured it out! I read your link of the list of props. Thank you for that! :))

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Wait, I have another question but it’s something different than my issue.

What’s your question?

I want my character to leave a scene as she does an animation. Here’s my script.

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.844 356 284 THEN remove CHARACTER THEN CHARACTER does it while walk_talk_phone

Like, when she leaves the scene…she does the normal walking animation. I want her to do a different walking animation.

It worked, thank you so much! :))

You’re welcome :wink:

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Solved and closed. :smiley: