Prop Ideas In Limelight - Let Creators Upload Their Own Props

Many creators, including us, need more props…
We’ve come up with some ides of new props for the Limelight Style in Episode, that we would really apreciate if you uploated.

A pencil / pen prop would be really helpful.

More food props

A ball (football ball, basketball ball etc.) prop

Office stuff props


Also it would be amazing if the Episode Team let us upload our own props! At the Prop Page, there should be an option “My Props” and there you could upload just like you do with the overlays. That way, you won’t have limits with your Props. It would be really useful!

Please like to support this post.
-REY & BB8-


I really SUPPORT this!!!



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Agree with this :facepunch:

Can show your support here for uploading props:

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Thanks Jem :slight_smile:
Just a friendly reminder to search before creating threads incase there is already something created.

Duplicate topic closed. Refer to original linked by JemU776 above. :smiley: