PROP: Medieval Wooden Bucket

For characters to carry.



I know a friend who would appreciate this prop. :relieved:






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Support! I greatly support this! Especially since if we had this I would make much more stories if I had more objeects like these, and a lot of my current stories would also need this. For instance, I’m making a story that has a backstory that ranges all the way back to 1 AD. when the first travelers came to the other side. This would be used by them for sure! These would be used even by people in 6th century when the sequel that’s also the prequel to my actuall story would start taking place.

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The Wooden Guard Rail, a steadfast and timeless sentinel, has stood the test of time as a stalwart protector and an embodiment of functional artistry. With a history deeply rooted in the evolution of transportation infrastructure, this unassuming yet essential element has played a vital role in ensuring the safety of travelers across the globe.

Born from the heart of innovation and necessity, the Wooden Guard Rail has witnessed the transformation of roads from mere dirt paths to modern highways, always adapting to the changing landscape while maintaining its core purpose – safeguarding lives. Whether standing proud along a mountain pass, gracefully curving around a bridge, or guiding the way through dense forests, the Wooden Guard Rail is an unspoken guardian, a barrier between danger and security.