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I wanted to share a suggestion I had for the website.
Individuals with disabilities aren’t often shown in stories, and we need your support to give us the tools to do so. :slightly_smiling_face: In order to portray a character with a physical disability, writers have to upload an overlay of some type of mobility equipment and animate it to bring the character to life. But right now there’s a couple problems with that :slightly_frowning_face: There’s a very limited number of uploadable overlay options that fit within the content guidelines; and of those options, most are of transport chairs. A transport chair is a small, foldable wheelchair which is pushed by a person assisting. Imagine the type you typically see in hospitals. But for writing a story about day-to-day life, our characters would need something different to get them where they want to go. To accurately portray a character with a physical disability, we need you to design a set of props so that our characters can move around freely and go on all the adventures non-disabled characters get to go on. I attached some examples of different types of equipment that support individuals in a wide range of needs. This is in no way comprehensive, and if anyone reading this wants to add to the list they are welcome to do so.


Transport Chair

Manual: Small, foldable, and intended to be used for short trips

Active/Rigid Frame

rigid frame chair

Manual: Large wheels for self-propelling

Sports Chair

sports chair

Manual: Athletically built with an increased range of motion

Tilt-in-Space Chair

Manual/Electric: helps relieve pressure from joints and control muscle tone; ideal for individuals with neck/spinal cord injuries, muscle spasticity, and require support for repositioning

Activity Chair

Manual: hi-lo base, typically used in classrooms, therapy centers, and feeding; ideal for individuals who require a moderate level of support for positioning

Front-Wheel Electric

front wheel

Electric: motorized, good traction on hard and soft surfaces


Gait Trainer

Assists in walking by partially bearing the user’s weight

Reverse Walker

reverse walker

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Ankle-Foot-Orthotic; appearance depends on the user; essentially, a brace placed below the knee for positioning, weakness, and correcting deformities

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