PROP: Natural-Looking Mannequins


Okay, so I don’t think that this has been requested yet, but I’m sorry if it has. I think there should be mannequin prop. Now you might say “We can just make another character, though, right?”
Well, the reason I don’t like that idea is because:

Number one, the female bodies have large chests, so unless you layer the clothes right, you get a naked mannequin, which, to me, is weird. I’m not asking for different proportions though cause I know that’s already been requested. I just want a more appropriate looking mannequin.
Number two is that we have to go and make an entirely new character. If your story has a crap ton of characters (like mine is going to have) it can be very annoying keeping track of characters. Also, if you’re trying to remember which character is which (becasue there are so many) you now have to scroll through all of those ‘extra’ characters that are literally for one scene (or maybe two).

I don’t know, that’s just my thought.


SUPPORT!!! :sparkling_heart:

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