Prop not adding to specific character


So I’m using ink and I’m trying to add the flashlight to a character but it’s not working to this specific character. The error box says “The prop Flashlight doesn’t exist for the specific character. Did you spell/capitalize it correctly? Please double check using the prop panel on the right.” I spelt it correctly and everything so I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this? I even tried it with another character name and it worked?

This is the script so far:

@add Flashlight to OFFICER1

&cut to zone 1 AND zoom on 100 278 to 195% in 0 AND OFFICER1 spot 0.813 131 196 in zone 1 AND OFFICER1 moves to layer 3 AND LUCAS is shush

    OFFICER1 (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Who's there?

@pause for a beat


The Flashlight prop only works for females, unfortunately.


Ohh I see, I didn’t know that! Ok thank you!


Click on the little eye image next to the prop name on the side of the script and it shows if it’s for female, male, or both.


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