Prop not appearing in web portal preview

So, I have one character who is holding a prop just fine, but when I switch the same prop to another character, it doesn’t show up in their arms. Help?

Try testing it in the app

you can also check and make sure that your script doesnt have an error or anything, or maybe it was probably placed in the wrong line, but check in the app like @Alexx.lapakka said,

maybe try refreshing the page :thinking:

If it’s a hidden prop, it won’t show up in the web portal preview. Try the phone previewer instead

The web previewer is quiet glitchy with props. I have had one time the props work the other time they don’t its like it chooses when to show and not show in the previewer.

Thanks everyone for the input! Turns out the prop I was using just wasn’t working, so I switched it out for a similar one and now it works fine.