Prop Not Showing?

This is either a bug or I’m not doing something right (most likely the latter as every other prop works just fine) but can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Screenshot_2019-12-24 DETENTION 101 Episode 3

Thanks :hugs:

Maybe try writing it this way?

@add Coffee Cup to EVA
@EVA is drink
@pause for 1 or 1.3
@remove Coffee Cup from EVA

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It’s still not working…

Hmm, try &EVA is drink - Though I don’t think that make a difference. I would submit a support ticket.

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Yeah it didn’t but thanks for your help :purple_heart:

Have you tested it on the app instead of the web previewer?


it usually works on the app like @JemU776 said @Evilyn


It does! Now I feel kinda stupid… Thanks for your help @JemU776 and @Kayla_episode1 :green_heart:

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dont feel stupid i did that all the time Lol :heart:

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