PROP: Pride Flags


Animation Set Idea!

Okay. So, I personally think Episode needs pride flag props. So say you wanted to code a pride march scene, you could have characters holding pride flags, so a rainbow one, a trans one, a bi one, pan one, omni one, etc. etc. for different gender identities and sexual orientations. (I’m gonna make a separate thread with animation ideas for this too, I’ll link it when I do). Plus, we could have massive giant versions too!

Flag ideas (not limited to, by the way):

  • Gay/Homoromantic
  • Lesbian/Demi lesbian
  • Bisexual/Biromantic
  • Pansexual/Panromantic
  • Asexual/Aromantic
  • Omnisexual/Omniromantic
  • Skoliosexual/Skolioromantic (as a side note can somebody advise me on this as I know that this is controversial)
  • Demisexual/Demiromantic
  • Rainbow (for pride and other sexualities I haven’t listed)
  • Non-binary/Agender
  • Transgender
  • Genderfluid/Genderqueer (genderqueer for other gender identities I haven’t listed)

Here’s a failed edit of that cute LL cropped tank top into a rainbow flag. I can’t edit LL assets at all, and the Episode art team would be able to do better than this for sure! (It doesn’t even look like a flag :roll_eyes: ).

ANIMATION: Pride Flag Animation Set (to go with PROP: Pride Flags)

This!!! :revolving_hearts: It’d also be cool if they made flag overlays to hang in a character’s house or bedroom or wherever!






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I would love this! (+the animations you suggested in your other topic that go with this!)

ANIMATION: Pride Flag Animation Set (to go with PROP: Pride Flags)

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