Prop removing help?

So I know how to put a prop in but i’m having trouble removing the prop. I typed in @remove Composition School Open Grey Black from YOU (YOU is the characters name) so I dont know what im doing wrong? I watched a few videos and they all say to do it like that and it seems to work for everybody

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did you try on the app?

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It might be a glitch then because your command is right. Just double check if it’s not in any branching.


can you show your script? Maybe you did something wrong, because I was working with a prop and it didn’t say anything was wrong but something was, just send a pic


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Is anything miss spelled or? I honestly don’t know . i’m sorryy hope u get help and figure it out :heart:

that command looks right, can you send a screenshot of your script around it? it might be an error with something around it that’s causing the prop to not remove.


those look right to me… it might be a glitch.

are you getting an error or is it that when you play your story the prop doesn’t remove?

the prop doesnt remove

then it’s most likely a glitch. if you’re previewing from the web browser, try playing your story from your phone. the web previewer has some glitches but it should be fine from your phone.

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thats weird, i checked on my phone too, hmm sorry ill try to figure it out myself XD

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