PROP: Sword for Limelight


This is self explanatory.
I couldn’t find a post about weapons so I decided to make one.
I feel like we need a Sword as a prop in Limelight as I feel that there just aren’t enough weapons and it would allow for more elaborate plot lines.

Maybe they could make a katana? :crossed_swords::martial_arts_uniform:

I feel like it would go with the new bottoms they added with the dagger strapped to the leg.

Please like as things with enough likes will get implemented :heart:

Prop: Traditional Weapons

Agreed! Would be nice if we had some Sword animations too. SUPPORT!!!

Limelight prob : sword

I find it very confusing why we have a fantasy genre without swords. I do like Episode, but some of the features its lacking never cease to confuse me.


Agreed! We also need smoking animations/props!


I thought we did have smoking animations and props.


I’m pretty sure we do.


do you mean smoking a cigarette or something else?


True! I’d love that!!


This would be so much cooler and so much easier to have for writing medieval/fantasy stories!




Even for limelight?


oh, I see what you mean now.

Yeah, they should add a smoking one.

Maybe you should make a thread for it.


Okay, good idea! Thanks!


Support !


It would be very useful for fighting in old times!


Big, fat SUPPORT! :hugs::heartbeat:


Much appreciated :wink::+1:


This would be really useful! Support!


Thanks :slight_smile:




Thanks! :slight_smile: