PROP: Upload our own props

I’m not sure if I made this post like I said I would a long time ago, but it’s here!

Can we upload our own props? It would be extremely helpful if there was some sort of detector that could indicate where the prop is on the hands. You’ll still be able to make props for those who can’t make overlays themselves, similar to how you do with Backgrounds and Overlays in the portal, but it would be fantastic if we could make our own and upload them.

This concept arose after we discovered that ink contained hidden items that we were not permitted to use. Many of us wanted them for stories, such as files for murder mysteries or party invitations. The list went on and on. However, they were never released, were neglected, were banned from use, and then were abandoned completely. So, if that’s the case, please allow us to create and upload the props we want whether then use overlays as a fallback option. Let’s face it, overlays require far too much coding and time to only be used in a scene for five seconds (create, opacity, ui, shape, size, and so on) compared to a prop with only two codes (“add” & “remove”).

Please make this happen? It would be really awesome! Thank you for your time!


Definitely support. I love this idea.


Duplicate closed. Please refer to FEATURE: Uploading Props to support this feature :smiley: