PROP: Wine glass prop (Limelight)

Is it possible to add a wine glass prop in Limelight?


I thought Limelight already had a ‘toast’ animation?

They have one already talk_cup_toast_happy

With a cup! They have to make a wine glass prop, to make this animation better!


Then they have to make a wine glass prop!

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You can make your own wine glass just google wine glass png and upload it as an overlay. I had to do that for a few of my things.

It is possible, I made a lot of overlays, but you can only hold the wine glass with a ‘pose’ animation.

True, Limelight has been out for a year already so they should be posting new animations and better ones at that.

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Is it possible to add a wine glass prop as well? Would be great!

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SUPPORT!! If you want this prop in Limelight!


I agree on so many levels! We need a wine glass! Please? Someone on team episode get to this?


Actually, they released a wine glass prop. I think they’ve yet to release the animation for the wineglass though.

It would be in Props right, however I’m unable to find it?

Since this suggestion is no longer needed here, we already got Champagne Flute Filled,

is it time to close the thread @Sydney_H ?

Support! We already have a champagne flute, but not a wine glass, I would totally like to see this!

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Personally, I’d never drink Champagne voluntarily/for pleasure, only in social occasions. However, wine is a more appealing drink (for me and for many others)


There is a champagne glass prop for limelight. Just look in the prop box