PROP: Wine glass prop (Limelight)


Is it possible to add a wine glass prop in Limelight?

PROP: wine glass (Limelight)

I thought Limelight already had a ‘toast’ animation?


They have one already talk_cup_toast_happy


With a cup! They have to make a wine glass prop, to make this animation better!


Then they have to make a wine glass prop!


You can make your own wine glass just google wine glass png and upload it as an overlay. I had to do that for a few of my things.


It is possible, I made a lot of overlays, but you can only hold the wine glass with a ‘pose’ animation.


True, Limelight has been out for a year already so they should be posting new animations and better ones at that.

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Is it possible to add a wine glass prop as well? Would be great!

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SUPPORT!! If you want this prop in Limelight!


I agree on so many levels! We need a wine glass! Please? Someone on team episode get to this?




Actually, they released a wine glass prop. I think they’ve yet to release the animation for the wineglass though.