Proper Introduction 🍫🐢

I don’t know if this will be closed or not but oh well.

Hey everyone! @Forever1201 Here :heart:,

So I realized right now that some people doesn’t know me. So I made this to properly introduce myself.

Coughs and clears throat

So, obviously, my username is @Forever1201 but people also call me Kat. And, no one does here, but I’m also Kit Kat (Yes Kit Kat :joy:) and Ive been here on the forums for more than a year and ever since then, I’m in love with it. I love going here. :heart:

Now here are some facts about me:

  • I LOVE the color purple. I think it’s the best color there is :purple_heart:

  • I love rping here. It takes my mind off of stuff

  • I’m a really friendly person (as long as you don’t mess with me) and I love to help people whenever I can

  • Whenever someone is in trouble or need a help, I am here to help. Anything you want. Just pm me or tell me directly.

  • I’m really fun and outgoing and I am crazy sometimes

  • Sometimes i fall in depression so if you ever notice me depressed, don’t worry I will be better soon. (Maybe…it will depend)

  • I can be a bit sensitive sometimes depending but overall I’m a strong independent woman who isn’t easily defeated.

  • You mess with my friends, you mess WITH ME! I don’t like seeing people getting hurt. It affects me too. So please do not be mean to anyone (Unless they really do deserve it)

  • I would Never! insult anyone or be mean. It’s not my cup of tea.

And here comes the most important part…

  • I LOVE ANIME! OMG I JUST CANT EVEN SAY! :heart::heart::heart::heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::heart::heart::heart:

So that’s all I have. If you want to introduce yourself as well, you can Gladly do it here.

Have a nice day/night :blush::blush:

~ Kit Kat :heart_eyes::purple_heart:


Hiya I like being called the Milky Way haha

Purple is a beautiful color! Mine is blue! I did rp before! Lol I’m more of a shy, weird, introverted, person if ya meet me irl! But online I act a lot louder lmao! I’m 14 years old! And imma freshie! I like stars and I love to draw!

Also I love Stranger Things, The Office, Parks and Rec, and Supernatural


My name is Luka, I like the color purple (because it’s the main color of QUEEN, which is an amazing band), but my favorite is Red. I’m shy, I have selective mutism (I can’t speak in public when I’m around strangers), and I’m very socially awkward, hence why I prefer being online.

I love 70’s/80’s rock music, Elton John, Queen, Richard Madden (I can’t even-), Queen Crack videos (one of the only things I laugh at anymore), AC/DC, crime documentries, and my (4) friends.

I’m in university for French and Criminology, and I’m Canadian.

My favorite movie is Beetlejuice (because Michael Keaton is a God), my favorite show is Bodyguard (RICHARD MADDEN) and my favorite song is… Probably “House Of The Rising Sun” (The Animals) or “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (U2).

I am gay as Hell. :rainbow_flag:

And as an ending, a picture of Richard Madden:


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