Proper Way of Zooming in and out

Hello ad Hi.

As the topic title says. I want to bring some Zooming in and Zooming out sequences in my stories.

I use the spot zooming technique. But the way it zooms in on character or objects appears rough and weird to me.
Like it zooms in two different axis Un-uniformly.
Also I want to bring a camera effect that most other writers do which is say when some hot guy/girl enters the screen the camera is set on the legs then slowly pans up to the face. If you know what I mean.


To make the zoom start from the legs and go up, you have to set the zoom first on the legs then set a zoom on the top of the face, or where you want it to stop!
@zoom on 320 57 to 350% in 0
@pause for 2
@zoom on 320 335 to 350% in 5
This zoom is an example of a zoom starting at the bottom of the screen, pausing for 2 seconds then zooming up towards the top of the screen.

The first set of numbers are for the horizontal axis, and the second set of numbers are for the vertical axis. If you realized both of the zooms have 320 as their first set of numbers, if both of them are the same, the zoom will not move left or right it will stay as it is.

So do you mean here

@zoom on 320 335 to 350% in 5

320 is x axis and 335 is y axis?
Can you give me an example code of a perfect camera zoom in and zoom out?

Something like this?


&zoom on 153 0 to 242% in 0

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center

@pause for 1

@zoom on 150 348 to 242% in 5

Hey is it possible to zoom out entire background in the preview pane and keeping the camera like that?

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