Props added to feature menu


I would like to know if it is possible for a new addition to the menu can be added?
I know there is a prop menu, but can that also be featured like the cover, background and overlay menu? Where the user can use also the props that’s already featured and use ones that they might find and upload it like the background and overlays? If I want to use an item as a prop, I would have to upload it to the overlays and use it as a prop. I think it would be easier to just add a prop menu like it is for overlay and background. I’m not sure, It was just a suggestion.

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You need to make a suggestion on the appropriate tab.

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I was looking and could not find it. Perhaps you can tell where I should go?

I am new and still learning the system, Some direction would be greatly appreciated!

When you make a post, put it under the features section.

The thing is, at the moment you can’t upload a prop and you can’t use an overlay as a prop (with the commands of a prop). You have to code every movement of the overlay if you want it to look like a prop. So this is probably why there isn’t one

If you’d like you can support this thread

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Thank you!

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