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I have a question. Can you upload your own props on Episode to be used by the characters in your story? And if not, can you use overlays as props? Thanks.


Hello, to answer your question, you can not upload your own props on episode (yet?). You can technically use overlays as props that aren’t already props, but as far as adding those overlays to characters, its not really possible without a lot of work.




no you cant upload your own props
no you cant use overlays as props (meaning using for them the commands for props)

You can however use overlays to simulate the props - by animating the overlays - but it is difficult because you have by trial and error find the right move to move the overlay with the characters animations so usually this is used by more or less idle animations only.


Thanks for your help!

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Hi, I’m having trouble with using props. I know how to add and remove them. But when I want to add a prop it doesn’t appear in the moment I want it to appear, it comes a lot before from the action I want it to appear with. How can I solve this? Thanks

shou me the code you have

@add Prop to CHARACTER
@remove Prop from CHARACTER

I meant your whole script… from this I cant tell you what to change to make them apear in right monent.:grin:

Oh Sorry!! Here you are, I hope this little part helps, I don’t want to spoil a big part of the story:

And this is when my father started drinking to let out all the depression and fury.

@CHARACTER is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND CHARACTER2 is react_mortified
add Tumbler Glass Glass Yellow to TOM

The day of my birth was a rainy day. I was born in New York.

@CHARACTER is sip_cup_neutral_loop

@CHARACTER2 is deepbreath AND CHARACTER2 is idle_baby_angry_loop
add Baby Swaddle Pink Blanket to GRACE

(I know that add is written with the @ before it, but it won’t let me publish the comment if I put them here)

you are adding the props to character with names TOM and GRACE but the animations are done by completly different characters: CHARACTER and CHARACTER2

And second:
After you will repare it so animation and the props will relate to the same character first writhe the add props line and under it write the line with the animation

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