PROPS & ANIMATIONS: Instruments [LL]

Hey there, forum readers!

Recently it has come to my attention that props in Limelight are limited. Yes, there are more than there were in the Ink format, but I think there are many props that could add some ~spice~ to our stories, particularly MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!!
In addition to this, we should add more animations that suit these props.
(We have so many rockstar stories in our recommended, so I think it’s about time we get some instruments in there!)

Feel free to add any other ideas!

  • GUITAR PROPS! (acoustic, electric, and bass- possible new animation for bass guitar? - !) We have animations for air guitars, but what about actual ones? It’s always impractical to have to add a guitar overlay haha
  • DRUM ANIMATIONS! Drum overlays are plentiful, but we don’t have drum animations like we did in Ink!
  • SHEET MUSIC PROP! This is less necessary, but it would be so cute to have a little sheet music paper prop!
  • PIANO ANIMATIONS! This is similar to the drum animations in the sense that an overlay can be used for the instrument itself, but I would love to have a sitting animation (rear and forward) where a character can play the piano.
  • KEYBOARD ANIMATIONS! (very similar to the one above) I think that we could have a similar animation, but standing (imagine a concert scene, where the keyboard is being played!)

If you have any other ideas, comment them please!!


The musician in me supports this. Also, sheet music might be more necessary than you might believe.




Omg we need guitar props it actually makes me so annoyed that we don’t have them even though we have a guitar animation. Like ???




:drum: SUPPORT!

Yes, yes and YES.