PROPS: how to use them

Alright, thanks :relaxed:

Alright, thanks.

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it doesn’t work… I tried it in the app and there is nothing there

Thank you for that! :heart_eyes:


Bookmarking because I have need a clean and bloody knife for a story. Overlays just don’t work well as props. Omfg tysm

Thanks @Apes for the story post!


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Thank you for this!



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anyone there cn tell me how to use the the folder. for ink. its open so i guess she shall read it (which is what i shall use it for) but when i use the read animation the book is in the way

New props for Limelight have been added: [Limelight] Props to you! :sunglasses:



Also, Happy Holidays to everyone! :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:


Thank you so much! You’re an actual life saver, I couldn’t figure props out and was going crazy!

Lifesaver! I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why this wasn’t in the props list DX

Yes, they’re visible in the app

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There’s another hidden prop which is a note prop and a pen… I saw it in one of the newest featured story… I forgot its title… but the cover is like a giel facing a mirror while holding a dress


A Little More Me, that’s the title

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Yes thank you… I’m loving it

Could anyone help me with this error,
On the app the prop doesn’t show up. :grimacing:

Before Jay said ‘Here’s your drink’ add this code

@add [name of the prop] to JAY

or reset your story progress

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It’s been solve, thank you xx