PROPS: how to use them

Thank you for that! :heart_eyes:


Bookmarking because I have need a clean and bloody knife for a story. Overlays just don’t work well as props. Omfg tysm

Thanks @Apes for the story post!


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Thank you for this!



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anyone there cn tell me how to use the the folder. for ink. its open so i guess she shall read it (which is what i shall use it for) but when i use the read animation the book is in the way

New props for Limelight have been added: [Limelight] Props to you! :sunglasses:



Also, Happy Holidays to everyone! :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:


Thank you so much! You’re an actual life saver, I couldn’t figure props out and was going crazy!

Lifesaver! I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why this wasn’t in the props list DX

Yes, they’re visible in the app

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There’s another hidden prop which is a note prop and a pen… I saw it in one of the newest featured story… I forgot its title… but the cover is like a giel facing a mirror while holding a dress


A Little More Me, that’s the title

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Yes thank you… I’m loving it

Could anyone help me with this error,
On the app the prop doesn’t show up. :grimacing:

Before Jay said ‘Here’s your drink’ add this code

@add [name of the prop] to JAY

or reset your story progress

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It’s been solve, thank you xx


For some reason none of my props are showing up… not even the regular ones…this is my code
@add Baseball Bat to AMANDA
But it worked in a previous scene when I said…
@add Pink Baby Bundle to MOM

Baseball Bat is glitchy, sometimes it’s showing up sometimes it’s not. Did you check your story on the app?

No, but I checked it on the previewer,
The strange thing is that none of the props are showing

check on the app, Web Preview sometimes it’s not showing props (and it’s not working with hidden props)