PROPS: how to use them

Finally they have released it

I keep coming back to this post coz it’s amazing. But I got to thinking, If you use Props in stories like you use overlays, animations, and backgrounds shouldn’t Episode add a category for Props in the Art Catalog? That would be awesome. Plus like I wish they’d add more props. Like Guitars, drums (maybe overlay for that one), microphones. etc. Just more stuff ya know? :v:t2:

On the side of the script under the list of animations is the list of all avaiable props. There are guitar and microphone props and a whole bunch more, but unfortunately they’re hidden and are only available for Featured stories so I had to remove then from this thread :slightly_frowning_face:


aw, that sucks. Thanks for the info! I came back on to say, I’m dumb and there is a drum set on the overlays :rofl:

Are there any other props available for ink?

I know that this is a stupid question, but does this mean that I’m allowed to use these props in this post? and how do I know which props I’m allowed to use and which I’m not allowed to use in the future? Is it just like with overlays and backgrounds, you have to have permission to use them from the creator and give them credit for their work?

All props listed here are for everyone to use freely. I have already removed hidden props from this thread.

Thank you, so these are your props? Just to be claer, since I want to give you credit for your work if it is

No these are not mine. I do not own any of them. These props are solely Episode’s property. I just simply listed them here along with a guide on how to use them to make it easier for everyone. You can find the official list of props to the right side of your script in the writers portal.

Okay, super thank you :grin: