PROPS: how to use them

Is there any camera props!!!

I’d say change it so the keyboard (or computer) is at the edge of the desk. You’ll have to use a picture editing software. Like Photoshop or GIMP.

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I know im late, and idk if anyone will see this, but…
When i use the add prop it stays since the beginning of the episode… pls help me
I just want it in the kitchen, not in the scenes before


You have to remove the prop from the character (or the script needs to play through that remove prop command). Or just refresh the page.


I removed it on the end of the scene, where they are talking and eating.

If the script plays through the add prop command when previewing and you restart the story before it gets to the remove prop command, the prop will stay in the characters hand until the script runs through the remove prop command. So either run through the remove prop command when previewing your story, or just refresh the page.

oooo, i didnt saw that, i just refreshed and it worked, omg thank u :joy: :joy: :woman_facepalming:

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There is no paper for the animation talk_read_paper_neutral

Are there any scrolls for limelight? I can’t find any but I’m sure I’ve seen it before?

Notepad White Lined
Sheet Paper White

Ahh ok!


If it’s not in the prop list and you’ve seen it before, then it’s most likely a hidden prop

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Oh okay! Thanks so much <3

Hi how do I add props to multiple character at the same time

@add Prop Name to CHAR1
@add Prop Name to CHAR2
@add Prop Name to CHAR3

Thank you