PROPS: how to use them

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Hi, Dara! I’ve been trying to get the Baseball Bat (INK) prop to show up on my character for a while now. I’ve refreshed my web previewer as well as my app, and it’s not showing up on either on my end. May you please check my code to make sure I’m using the command correctly :?

Snippet of my code:

Also, if the prop appears glitchy on the author’s end, will it continue to glitch when the story is published (i.e. will props occasionally disappear for readers too)? If so, I’ll just take this scene out.

Unfortunately, the INK baseball bat prop has always been glitchy and I’m pretty sure Episode will never fix the issue because they’ve already given up on INK.

Yes to this question.

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Ah, I see :’)) Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

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@add Sheet Paper White to PLAYER
@PLAYER is give_object_happy
@pause for a beat
sound paper_sheet
volume sound 20 0
@remove Sheet Paper White from PLAYER

Can someone help me! PLAYER does (give_object_happy) twice??

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Now this is helpful

How do I view it in the App Preview?

Please I’m stuck on how to make my background look bigger so that it can fit in a lot of people
Please can you help me and the Prop
@add Coffee Cup to go to PAUL isn’t working

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