PROPS: how to use them

You need a dialogue for JANE or if you need just an action write:

@JANE is reach_kneel_rear

K change it but it still has the error of the pink baby bundle.

the error must be somewhere else because the command looks good

Yea the error has nothing to do with the prop command. If you fixed what @Apes said to fix and you’re still getting an error then the error is somewhere else in your script that you need to fix.

Sorry I was looking in the wrong Place.


Like I mentioned before you need a dialogue for this line unless you want her to do the action without the dialogue then write:

@JANE is reach_kneel_rear

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how to you use props for a specific scene without them showing up in another? EXAMPLE:

its not supposed to show up in the scene.
only in this one 18%20AM

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You have to remove the prop from your characters.

thanks so much

what part of my script do i put it in after @add text book open navy blue to bella?

When you’re done using the prop. So if you only need the prop for a few lines of dialogue, remove the prop after the last dialogue.

theres a background after the last line of dialogue and then it cuts to the scene with them sitting

You just need to remove the prop when you’re done using it.

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oh ok. thanks i appreciate your help :slight_smile:

its still showing up in the scene its not supposed to

at the beginning of my episode

It’s because you never removed the prop or never played through that part yet. Either play through the scene where you add and then remove the prop, or reset story progress.