PROPS: how to use them

It’s because you never removed the prop or never played through that part yet. Either play through the scene where you add and then remove the prop, or reset story progress.

What animations would you use with the open folder prop? Or the photo strip prop?

They’re hidden animations.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for doing this!! :blush:

How do you get ink characters to reach, ’ pick up ’ box and then walk with box. ive seen it done but if i try it, it tells me i cannot have one character immediately following another and i cant figure out how to fix it…

What’s your script?

I kind of deleted what I had typed up. I just don’t know how to do what I see in some stories. Like… You see it sometimes where they reached to the side, idle with box, and then walk with the box to their door. But when I try it tells me I cannot have one character following another even though it’s just the 1 and I’ve seen it done before…

Also how do you make a choice carry over to the next episode or in the same? Like if you give them a choice of date at movies, diner or park for example. How do you make a branch for each one and have it follow…

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It’s probably the way you’re typing it out, it’s not the correct format. Can you try doing it again and send me a photo of your script?

It’s suppose to look something like this:

@CHARACTER is [reach animation]
@add Prop Name to CHARACTER
@CHARACTER is [idle with prop]
@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER does it while [walking with prop]

For choices that carry over: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)


Is this wrong? It doesn’t show up in my previewer

Script: @add Coffee Cup to LILY

It should work. Did you try to maybe refresh the browser or see if it’s working on the app?

How do we remove the prop?

@remove Envelope Grey White from CRYSTAL

doesn’t work…

That is how you remove props. What does your script look like?

Do you have an idea of what the Episoda looks like?
I used it but it can’t be seen in the previewer.

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Hidden props need to be tested in the app. The web previewer does not show them. The Episoda can looks like this:

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So I need to publish my story for it to be seen?

No you need to test your story using the app previewer.

okay thanks

i’ll test it out again in the app today and see what happens

It worked, thank you, but now, when I preview my story from the beginning of the episode, the prop pops up on Crystal even before I say the command: @add Envelope Grey White to CRYSTAL and It’s so weird.