PROPS: how to use them

I need help using the props, In my script, I want the readers to choose a lipstick color for Christina (the main character in the story)
So this is what I did, and when I saved it, it says that everything is correct and there are neither mistakes nor warning, but the problem is that the prop still doesn’t show when I play it
This is the script:
label choosing_makeup

    CHRISTINA (think)
(What lipstick should I apply?)

“Scarlet” {
@add Lipstick to CHRISTINA
@CHRISTINA is apply_lipstick
@CHRISTINA changes mouthColor into Scarlet
@remove Lipstick from CHRISTINA
“Plum” {
@add Lipstick to CHRISTINA
@CHRISTINA is apply_lipstick
@CHRISTINA changes mouthColor into Plum
@remove Lipstick from CHRISTINA
“Nude” {
@add Lipstick to CHRISTINA
@CHRISTINA is apply_lipstick
@CHRISTINA changes mouthColor into Toffee
@remove Lipstick from CHRISTINA

@pause for a beat

(Is this Okay?)

“Hell Yeah” {
@CHRISTINA is blow_kiss
“Fuck No” {
CHRISTINA (talk_repulsed)
Fine Chill
goto choosing_makeup

Since the lipstick prop is a hidden prop, it doesn’t show up in the web previewer. You’d have to test your story using the app to see the lipstick prop.

Oh okay. Thanks

Hey! I have an error in my script where it tells me “You can’t have one character immediately following another” and I really don’t know what it means.

You have dialogue that is all caps. The website is reading it as another character. You’re going to have change the dialogue to first letter cap only.

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That could mean different things. What does your script look like?

how do you make the characters drink from the red cup prop

Add the prop to your character then make them do the drink animation.

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Ok thank you

there is “Micro Phone Black” prop in INK But it gives an error

Those aren’t actual props.

No matter what I do, I can’t make my character grab the prop. I’ve done what was written here, but it won’t happen. I’ve tried other props too and he won’t grab them either.
Here’s what I’ve written:

And here’s the result:

The baseball bat prop has not worked for quite some time. You should submit a ticket and let them know. Hopefully the more tickets the team receives about this issue, they’ll finally fix it.

Sent one. Is it the same for the ring box? It doesn’t show either, at least that can be considered covered my the person’s hands.

Are you testing them in the app? The hidden props don’t show up in the web previewer.

I don’t know if this is possible, but in INK I have a football game. The character is kicking a goal. Is it possible to show a football going through the goalposts?

I have a question. Is the hairbrush prop a hidden one, or for Episode Original stories only?

It’s only available for the INK style.

The story I’m writing is in INK, but if I try to use the hairbrush prop, it gives an error message.