PROPS: how to use them


Is there a way that I can possibly add props on Android


How do I add a prop to multiple people at the same time? It says that it is invalid when I use the ampersand and when I use the @ and put them together. I have this, but it’s not what I want:

@add Handgun to GRAM
@add Handgun to JAMES
@add Handgun to THIRDNAME


It’s a hidden animation that is not yet released.


That’s how you add props to multiple people.


If you’re talking about mobile creation, then no it’s not possible.


But how do I put it all in the same line of code? Is it possible?


No you need to put them on separate lines.


Alright, thanks :relaxed:


Alright, thanks.


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it doesn’t work… I tried it in the app and there is nothing there


Hello! Thank you for this; I had no idea about these. It’s a very wonderful and helpful list, and I’d like to contribute to it.

So, while I was exploring the game’s internal files, I discovered some more hidden props for Ink and Limelight that aren’t included in this list. I have tested them myself and I can confirm they are visible in stories. Although I will admit, some of them are a bit funky in terms of placement/movement (though, perhaps finding the right animation is more correct), but all of them are functional.

Try testing them out, and see what you can come with!

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Thank you for that! :heart_eyes:


Bookmarking because I have need a clean and bloody knife for a story. Overlays just don’t work well as props. Omfg tysm

Thanks @Apes for the story post!


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Thank you for this!




anyone there cn tell me how to use the the folder. for ink. its open so i guess she shall read it (which is what i shall use it for) but when i use the read animation the book is in the way


New props for Limelight have been added: [Limelight] Props to you! :sunglasses:



Also, Happy Holidays to everyone! :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:


Thank you so much! You’re an actual life saver, I couldn’t figure props out and was going crazy!