PROPS: More disability options!


For the books: this is largely a continuation of the various threads made by @Gwen-Bruce rallying for more diverse disabled characters. I just had some more ideas that I thought were worth bringing up, and since OP hasn’t been active for nearly a year, I just decided to make my own thread. 1) No, I won’t repeat any of the already requested items and 2) I won’t be making separate threads for each item. I don’t have that kind of patience lol

Without further ado, onto the list!

  1. Feeding tubes! Or “nasogastric intubation,” if you’re fancy. People with conditions like gastroparesis use these! Somewhat in the same category in terms of how it would be executed clothing-wise as the previously suggested nasal cannula, but they serve different purposes and look different enough that I thought it was worth putting on the list. They look like this!

(image source)

  1. Dexcoms! These devices are used by people with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels, and the information gets sent to an app on their phone! Neat, right? Technology is baller. I think these would be best applied like a tattoo in terms of functionality, as they can hide under clothing. It would also be neat to have different placement options, as they can be placed on the arm, leg, stomach, thigh, pretty much anywhere there’s blood. They look like this!

(image source)

Side note: while looking for images of the device, I found a diabetic koala bear named Quincy with a dexcom and a layer of ice was melted off of my cold cold heart. You too can enjoy that experience by going here! You’re welcome!!! OKAY BACK TO THE LIST FOCUS SCOOTER

  1. Forearm/elbow crutches! These can help people with all kinds of conditions, from multiple sclerosis to cerebral palsy. They help support people who might struggle with walking otherwise! As for how to implement it into the game, it might end up being more of a prop than a clothing item. It’d be cool to see them in multiple colors too. They look like this! (The image below is an example of a forearm crutch, I would include an elbow crutch but I don’t want to bombard you with pictures and make this post even longer than it already is!)

(image source)

  1. Service/Guide dogs! These assistance animals help people with disabilities navigate their lives more independently. They can be trained to perform many tasks, like opening and closing doors, retrieving dropped items, alert to oncoming seizures/panic attacks/migraines/etc, and much much more! Man’s best friend for sure. (I only made the distinction between guide dogs and service dogs because guide dogs wear a special kind of harness meant for safely guiding a person who is visually impaired. Guide dogs still fall under the service dog label.) Gonna be honest, this one stumped me. I’m not familiar enough with the game yet to make an educated guess as to what type of feature this would fall under. I’m just going to trust that if the team decides to make this happen, they’ll do it well. They look like this! (I included a picture of a guide harness specifically, as you probably already know what a vested service dog looks like.)

(image source)

That concludes the list for now!! My hope is that you learned something (or at the very least got to look at a picture of a diabetic koala bear I SERIOUSLY CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT QUINCY???) and maybe start considering disabled characters in your stories! Even if we don’t yet have the means for some, remember not all disabilities are visible! Please drop a like and maybe comment your support if you would like to see these in-game, and don’t hesitate to add more suggestions (that could be considered props) if you come up with something I didn’t include here! Otherwise, please see the thread linked below and post it there!

Have a stellar rest of your day/afternoon/evening!! :sparkling_heart:

EDIT: At the request of the mods, the filtering masks have been moved to its own thread in order to organize this set more. Please support that one here!

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Has it really been almost a year? Dang. I can’t think of a better reason to come back than to throw my support WHOLE-HEARTEDLY behind this! :sparkling_heart:


Dude! I’d love this! 'Specially the service dogs, that’d be awesome to have (as I have one in real life myself). Support!