Props: Movie Food

I know that many, well many stories I read have movie scenes whether this is at home movie watching or at the movie theater backgrounds that are made by episode. So my thoughts were to add props that go with these scenes so that it looks cleaner in a story and it can add a bit more emphasis to movie scenes in stories.
Specifically, I would like for a popcorn bucket, popcorn bag, 3 styles of chip bags, and 2-3 styles of sodas. But made so that they look clean in stories.
My Request is: Add popcorn, chips, and soda movie props for writers/ authors/ coders to use in stories. Which falls into the category of movie props.
Examples for request (not my images, may be subject to copyright):

(The chip bags could be different colors and say epi-chips or chesse chips by episode, eic.)

Basically, I would like to see these four movie syle food props with different color options and designs in our community. If you agree comment support and like this post.

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You are going to need to be specific with what you want or this will get closed.

Also it should be formatted like

PROP: Popcorn bag

Or whatever you are asking for

Also there are some threads already made for some of these. Like there is one for smoothies by @/Tay11 so you can go support his thread.

But I agree I would love some more props.


Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines. Please review the guidelines and contact @Sydney_H (be sure to link the thread!) to discuss editing and reopening topic. :smiley: