Props not showing in story

When writing and previewing our stories the props don’t show even on mobile



Can you send a screenshot of the script?

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@transition fade in black
@MOM changes into MOM_hospital
@cut to zone 2
@MOM spot 0.794 28 412 AND MOM faces right AND MOM is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
@DAD stands screen left
@DAD faces right
@ARIANA stands screen center
@ARIANA faces left
@add Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket to DAD
ARIANA (talk_whisper_worried)
How is he?
@ARIANA starts idle
DAD (talk_neutral)
Charlie is fine. Do you want to hold Charlie.
@ARIANA starts idle
@remove Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket from DAD
@add Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket to ARIANA
ARIANA (talk_baby_coo_atbaby)
You’re so cute, yes you are yes you are.
@pause for a beat

Does anyone know how to solve this