Pros and Cons of Having a Writing Partner?

What are some pros and cons of having a writing partner/co-author? I’m only on episode one of my R&R entry and I’m in serious need of motivation and/or help… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish in time; besides, I’ve got school and I need time to relax. What should I do? Drop out of the contest? Continue with a writing partner? Try to get it all done by myself? I was planning to finish most of episode one today until my brain decided to shut off at 3 in the aftenoon and forced me to take a long nap… :unamused: Ugh, the deadline! Drop your opinions on what I should do down below, and motivate me if you can.

PS: My old trick with watching funny bird videos did not help :pensive:


Having a writing partner is a lot. You get to know the other person but also do some team work. I honestly like having a partner b/c sometimes if I am busy and my partner is not she/he can work on some parts of the story which helps us get the story kind of moving and get it out soon as possible. But you do have to work on some of the story as well if it’s a “teamwork” assignment. Either way I love having someone to work with.

Now the other thing! Working alone is great as well. You can be able to do a free write with no one telling you what to do or how to do this which is kind of nice, not gonna lie. The cons of not working with anyone is it’s more stressful. You want to try to be more active on your story to get more reads. Also, if you don’t have time during most of the week or days then it would be even more stressful. You have to have list of things to put in the story to be thrilling. Or it’s hard to keep the readers excited and pinned to the story.It’s a lot of work!!!

In all means as you probably notice I mostly love writing with someone. But I tend to do a lot of stories by myself which is okay. I try to get as much work done as possible. But it’s honestly safer and better to work with someone in my opinion! :blush:


Having a writing partner is fun for me. I get to know someone new, make friends, have fun, etc. Also the idea of both me and my partner is added in the story plot which makes it more unique!! Yeah working alone is also cool, but I like to work alone only for my personal stories or the story which I want it to go according to my idea. I have partners for writing a story in the genre which I lack in for example I lack in fantasy, so I have partner who has a better idea of it and can help me!! If you feel like you can’t complete the story before deadline on your own then look for a partner who can do it according to your liking before the deadline. But if you don’t want to participate then don’t participate :blush:

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Thank you @June_Sinclair and @AmazingAdina ! I am getting a writing partner, but this thread will be kept open in case anyone else would like to share :wink:


I personally prefer working alone unless I offered to help some one else. For my own stories = The Secrets of the Past, Deadly Evidence, Our Forbidden Romance & R&R: The Path of the Unknown…I prefer working alone since that way I’m not going to log online one morning and my whole scripts been changed completely. I have an amazing partner for ideas/plots/details etc… (@millywrites21) but I prefer to do the coding part myself (:

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From personal experience:
Pros- Less work on yourself, meet new friends, easier to promote
Cons- Mishapens and disagreements may occur which causes the writing to go slower.

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I’ve worked with someone on a story before. It was great in the beginning, but a few months in, it went downhill. I started doing most of the work, there was a huge problem with communication and our ideas turned into my ideas (in relation to lack of communication). Having someone helping you should be less stressful… but in my case, it wasn’t. It was stressful to the point I was just done with the story. We barely managed to get it done in the end…


Writing partners can be fun if you both are on the same page. If one of you wants the story to go a certain way but the other says otherwise, conflict will arise. It can be solved by compromise. You both have to be willing to compromise if you both have different ideas for which way the story would go.

For your situation, I don’t think you should find a writing partner. You already have an idea on how you want your story to be, right? I mean you’re almost done with the first episode. If so, adding someone into the mix will be a setback in your writing. You have to get your partner up to date with the story and communicate ideas, not just yours but theirs too, back and forth. It’s better to have a writing partner during the story idea stage, meaning before writing an episode.

Writing with someone can be helpful but only if you are confident they are good for you and your writing. It would be best to work on it as a regular story. Don’t push yourself if you cannot get it done on time. But, if you want this to be a contest story, it’s up to you. I wouldn’t recommend it… Think about what’s best for you and your story!

So in other words,

Pros: Able to divide work 50/50, bounce ideas off of each other, make friends

Cons: Differing ideas, lack of communication (ie. ghosted, different time zones, busy schedules etc), incompatibility as writers/people

I hope this helps!


Not quite :joy: I’ve only done the intro and a few basic dialogue things in the beginning, plus FAQ. I haven’t gotten that far. But I already know what I’m going to write about, so I think I see your point.

Sorry that I forgot to tell everyone the update, but anyways… I found a sort-of writing partner today! She and I will be offering each other suggestions through PM and we’ll be helping each other with coding and feedback, but we’re not going to be directly working on a story together. We both have two separate stories. I think this method seems to be working alright because my story still has all the kind of things I like to see, but at the same time, I get help; and she does too!

(and of course, this thread is still open so you can share your thoughts)

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Ya’ll writing the pros and cons:
Your writing partners: :eyes:


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