PROTEST: Stop Silencing Us!




I swear to god admins, if you merge this topic with another one I will throw a FIT. Don’t touch it!

Episode, stop silencing us!

We are entitled to an opinion, stop flagging us and hiding our posts when they don’t even break the guidelines you claim they do.
Stop shutting us up when we critique your company or bring up valid points. Stop banning us when we’re outspoken.

What you’re doing is slimy and needs to stop.

Every single update thread has been closed because episode can’t take the heat, because of the amount of flags littering the page. This week has been terrible, the admins have been hitting us HARD. Stop silencing us. Stop muting us. Stop hiding us. Stop banning us.

We are what make up episode, we demand respect, we demand a voice. Stop ignoring us and then slapping a poorly written apology on your posts for damage control.

If you want change then listen. Don’t flag us religiously.

Stop being hypocrites. Stop doing slimy stuff like stealing stories and muting critique. Stop trying to protect your image. If you want a good image take the necessary steps that we’ve been demanding. Be honest and fair, not a money driven company.

We’re tired of hearing excuses, we’re tired of your entitlement, we’re tired of your hypocrisy. Hire new staff. Have a stern talk with your admins. Stop controlling our voices.


Join the protest, tell me down below what episode has done to you. Tell me how you feel. Make sure they see it.

Episode can’t flag any ideas here, this thread is for outspoken truths and protest. All opinions and ideas are welcome! I allow it on my thread!

If I am banned or silenced because of this post then that shows what your character is, episode. Or leave it up and show that you’re willing and open.

Don’t merge this topic, it’s special and it’s a protest!

Thank you!

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[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!

Take a meme for the road!



For Real They keep flagging me 24/7


Watch how this gets silenced


Me: -Breathes-
Episode: -flags- y’all hear sumn?


Haha :joy::joy:


No disrespect EPISODE BUT



This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


For Real Though


Wattpad doesn’t silence you like this, js


Closed pending review


I can write friggin shrek smut and get wattpad of the year award but if I say panties in an episode story my story gets taken down.


Unless you’re a featured writer. Then you can have the characters practically scoodlipooping on screen. Featured writers are immune


Oh yes sis, episode loves a white washed bad boy story riddled with sex scenes and slurs. But OH BOI OH BOI. ON LINE 3773 EPISODE 78 YOU SAID WENIS. YOURE GETTING BANNED


I get suspended for talking about TARTAN, yet I bet you the kid giving me death threats for not having my character fall in the bad boy’s arms is still around


When I think of episode I’m reminded of that meme with that soccer mom screaming “no!” At the nicki Minaj song.

But instead of yelling no they just flag and ban the hell out of you.


@zaddy got banned OOF

Anyone else get banned from the thread earlier?


I thought this site was a forum.



a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.


Okay but like, I was kinda defending them but I got flagged too :thinking: Either they hate themselves or some people in the community can’t handle a differing opinion.


Nah they just scared.
The flag button is like their panic button in the episode HQ.