Ptoblem with characters while CC

I have CC of 6 characters. When someone open it, chages something and click ‘looks good’ then appears another character. And they both are standing at the screen. I tried to change it. But hte thing is, when I check it on computer or phone it works normal. I don’t know what it is, if someone knows, please help! :thinking:! Here are some pic. The one with error from my friend, since I can’t see the error.

6 charaters. that is way to many.

but as for a fact have you made them leave the screen?

Yes, I did.

Maybe you should try enters and exist instead

Thanks) I’ll try it :thinking:

Hey, do you know what’s the problem and how solve it? Please. ASAP😳

size is wrong its always four numbers not 3. also you need to put in x after in zone x to measure time

Can you please send an example I don’t get it. I always use it this way and always works :thinking:

@JANE walks to spot 1.250 -590 0 in zone 1 in 3

And what if without moving? Just as appear.

@JANE spot 1.250 -590 0

And without faces right/left?

best to add those on the line under
@NAME face right

Thank you so much! I’ll try it) :blush:

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It doesn’t work☹️. You know the first one what I sent you works in the other place, but here. Idk what’s wrong

You’re missing a { on line 292 after “Looks great!” and you’re missing a } on line 294 which closes this.

6 characters are a lot. if they’re not being named, have u thought of making a choice with 7 options (6 characters, and the option are you done customizing all) in the options you can include a goto which leads to a label outside of the choice. At the end of cc templates, when the reader chooses they look perfect, everything is all good to go, you can include a goto which leads back to those 7 options.

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OH MY GOD! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It worked. And yes my choices are named. Tysm again! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs:

No problem :revolving_hearts:

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