Public domain images

Hi and I would like to know how to incorporate public domain images into my story.

  1. Save the image that you want from Pixabay.
  2. Find an image converter. I use Image converter to JPG
  3. On the converter website, choose a file, you’re going to pick the image that you have downloaded from Pixabay in the converter.
  4. Then you need to change the size of the image because the size of the image that you downloaded is not the size for the background.
  5. U can choose any size number for the background.

One zone - 640 x 1136
Two zone - 1280 x 1136
Three zone - 1920 x 1136

So let’s pick the three zone sizes because it shows the full background. You’re going to put the sizes in the Width and Height boxes in the converter. The Width will be 1920 and the Height will be 1136, when you put that in the box, scroll down on the site, then click Start. It will start to dowload your background.

Once it’s downloaded, go to the Art Catalog, Background, Upload To Your Account. Scroll down then click on Select Image, then you choose that background that you corrected the size to use. The background should come up, and then you can name your background then save it. And it will be uploaded to the backgrounds in your account. @Whatever1

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Thanks, and this advice is most definitely useful.

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