Publish stories from phone/tablet

Well, I LOVE creating stories, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the script thingamajee, so I do it on my phone. I love it! Although, It’s quite disappointing that you can’t publish anything.

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You actually can publish a story you wrote on mobile creation. If you have made three episodes you can go on episode interactive and publish, Without writing on episode interactive, try it.

Top right corner has a spot where you can add episodes and publish.

Doing it right now, If it works, TYSM.

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You are very welcome.

@LegacyAuthor if you want to keep writing your story on mobile, here’s the simple guide how to do it :wink:

Hi I’m new so I need help to publish my story on my phone can any one help.

I tried it didn’t happen

Open episode interactive and publish your story from there:smiley:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: