Published a story! {Must Read!}



Hello motherfuckers!

I’ve recently (well…about 3 minutes ago now) have published my first ever story. So, you should probably read it and get addicted to it to boost my self-esteem.

It’s called “ROOTLESS” and the description of the story is: “Primrose is a narcissistic, troubled and rebellious teen girl whom has never felt pity towards her poor actions until she makes a bad decision that’ll destroy her life for good.”

Thank you and feel free to promote your stories as well so I can check them out, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


TITLE: Too Much Drama, Trust No One!
DESCRIPTION: Mulasia slept with someone she should’ve had more information on. Will she keep his baby or abort it? Is her mom lying?
STORY TYPE : Episode Original
STORY STYLE: Episode Ink
EPISODE: 4 (ongoing episode)

Hope you like it

it’s my first time


Read mine and I’ll read yours. Please leave me some feedback too. My story is called ‘The man Inside the gang leader’ it’s written by tammyire


I’ve read a bit of your story. Please feel free to read mine as well and leave feedback if possible. :slight_smile:


Author Name: Episodebykiara
Story Title: Superhuman
Genre: Action
Description: An invasion is coming, only solution is to turn humans into superhumans.
Published? (Yes or No):
Instagram: Episodebykiara
Episodes: 1 and 2 only