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Hey guys! Recently published a story … I would love if you could take some time to read it and tell me what you think…

Ok so the story is called Holmes and here is the description:
A reckless Alice Watson was never pleased with the boring life that was given to her, this is until she meets detective Sherlock Holmes…
What could go wrong?

The story is a detective crime story with a hint of comedy
Anyways… here is the cover and the link!



Some Sherlock Holmes stories have become public domain and others are still under copyright, so I’d get that checked out first just in case your story happens to be illegal.

This is also a good article to check out if you haven’t already done so:

“fictional writing written in an amateur capacity as fans, unauthorized by, but based on an existing work of fiction.” I’d also recommend that you send a ticket to Episode or contact Sydney for more clarification on whether your story is allowed on the app or not, because fan fiction isn’t permitted on the app but I don’t know how that works with public domain characters.

I’m not hating on your story or anything, I know how much hard work goes into creating a story, but I don’t want you to get into any legal trouble nor add onto your story only for it all to potentially go to waste. :confused:


I agree! I’m happy you published, so firstly congratulations!

But just be sure you are well within your rights on Episode to write this.

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Hello! I’m actually really glad you told me this… I’ve just changed the name from Sherlock so that may help it not being taken off! Thankyou

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